Curly hair mistakes

Have you been wondering why your hair is dry, tangled and frizzy all the time and what do you lack in your curly hair care?

Well, there are few curly hair etiquette which we must follow in order to avoid this. These are among some of my personal experiences as well, after avoiding which I could deal with less tangled and frizz free curls. So let’s begin~

    • Since curly hair is already dry using shampoo very often for cleansing could result in dryness and breakage. Thus, try to avoid shampoo as much as possible and minimise it’s usage per week. You could start Co washing or dilute the shampoo with water while washing which could reduce the harsh effect of it on your hair.
    • Not applying enough conditioner after shampooing could also result in frizz. Curly hair needs lots of moisture which is provided by conditioner and water. They must work together on hair. So do not hesitate to pump as much as conditioner needed to drench all your hair into it.
    • Not using a leave in conditioner or hair butter after wash is another reason for frizz. I usually use my daily conditioner as leave in conditioner as well since it is silicone free and pretty much do the same job.
    • Combing your hair dry is the next reason for frizzy hair. Try to detangle after you oil your hair before wash or while applying conditioner in the shower. However, it is necessary to avoid combing or detangling on a non wash day.
    • Using a towel to dry your hair could create more frizz. Do not rub your hair with the towel instead use a micro fiber towel or a normal cotton t-shirt to remove excess water from your hair by scrunching them from tip to root.
    • Do not touch or play with your damp or wet hair. Running your fingers in them before they are 100% dry could result in frizz.
    • Sleep in a pineapple hair style. You could also invest in a satin cap and put all your hair inside in a gentle high top knot.
    • Use a satin or silk pillow case to sleep. Cotton pillow cover would encourage frizz formation  when your hair is rubbed over them.
    • Refresh your hair on non wash days to minimise frizz.
    • Choosing the right products for your hair is another important aspect in avoiding dry and frizzy hair. You must know your hair and understand what’s best and what’s not suitable for your curls. Read the ingredients while purchasing a product.
    • Try and avoid going outside after you wash your hair. As far as possible wait for it to dry 100%.
    • Using a blow dryer could also make your hair dry and rough. Try to air dry as far as possible or invest in a hair diffuser and use a cool medium to diffuse your curls.
    • Do not work on your curls too much in between wash days. Avoid unnecessary fiddle or running fingers on your curls.



Clarifying your hair!

We Curlies love product on our hair and use so many different kinds of them to style, moisturise, define, volumize and provide shine to our curls. This definitely increases product buildup which could weigh down your curls or make it difficult to clump them together. So, there comes the need to clarify your hair which can be done using a good clarifying shampoo having sulfate but no silicone since silicone will again build up on your hair. However, curlies who strictly follow curly girl method and are away from sulfate and silicone products would need another way to do this. Read on to know how.

My curls were feeling very dry and brittle from past couple of washes. Even though I am not a product junkie and I have recently started using a silicone free conditioner, I have used products having sulfates and silicones in the past. And that’s why I thought to clarify my hair once and for the first time to see if i can bring back life to my curls. And so i came up with few simple solutions using natural ingredients from the kitchen and the results were totally amazing.

So, you can do this in two ways:

  • Use apple cider vinegar which is also known as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and general clarifying ingredient to rinse your hair which would remove build-up and/or dandruff from the hair and will restore hair’s pH balance back to its natural acidic state. You can prepare the solution using one part of vinegar to four part of water. Massage the mix onto your scalp and hair. Allow it to sit for 3 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Follow this with your normal conditioning process.
  • Second easily available ingredient from your kitchen is baking soda. Use one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of fresh water and rinse your scalp and hair thoroughly followed by your normal conditioner to condition your hair.

*Add aloe vera juice to the baking soda and water mixture (Optional)                                      *Add cornstarch in case you need a little thicker consistency (Optional)

Both these methods are simple and inexpensive. And if you feel you are in a similar situation, try this method and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Clarify your hair at least once a month to remove all the product build up and make your curls weightless. Let the Curls breath 😉

Curly hair styles

Curly hair is always at its best when worn open. Those luscious curls looks all bouncy and voluminous. However, it is also good to style your curls occasionally, especially on non wash days. This would not only make your curls look gorgeous but there will be less frizz since the curls would be in protective hair styles.

There are so many hair styles for curly hair, over which I would like to share some of my personal favorites along with some other which are quite easy and quick to make.

  1. Worn Open to one side or either sides.


    2. Crown up.

Take few curl clumps from the crown area, pull it back and secure it with a thin elastic, bobby pins or a small clip.


3. Crown up with twisted hair.

The first part of this hairstyle is same as above. However, after securing the hair with an elastic we need to take few hair from below the secured hair clump and twist it around the elastic until the end of that hair section and pin it below using bobby pins in a way that the elastic is hidden under the hair twisted.


4. Messy half up hairstyle.

Again, this is similar to the above two hairstyles however while pulling the hair through the elastic or a band instead of pulling all out we secure them in half to look like a messy ball.


5. One side twist

Section your hair as per your convenience. Now, from the section which has less hair, take few curl clumps and twist them until middle and secure with bobby pins.img_20170817_1119071.jpg


6. Two sided twist

Same like above, twist hairs on both sides and secure with bobby pins.


7. Messy half up using clutch.

We secure the upper half section of hair under a clutch.IMG_20170817_1203328


8. Low pony tail.



9. High pony tail

With hair elastic alone  With hair elastic and                                                 twisted hair around it.


10. Two sided ponytail.



11. Lower Messy bun.

Secure all your hair in a low pony tail with the help of an elastic. Section them in two. Take the first section and twist it gently around the other section and pin it up. Now take the remaining hair and twist them around the first bun in the opposite direction and secure with bobby pins



12. Higher messy bun.

This is similar to a low messy bun, just that the pony should be high and the remaining steps are same as lower bun 🙂 You can set the baby hair at the back of your head and near the forehead using a toothbrush and gel.


13.Lower two sided bun

This is again similar to lower messy bun but on both the sides 🙂


14. Up and down pony aka illusionist ponytail

Over here we divide the hair in two equal sections, the upper part and lower part. Then we need to tie a medium level ponytail with the lower part hair and then another ponytail above that with the upper part which would literally cover the lower pony to illusionize a longer ponytail.



15. Half up ponytail

This style is the perfect half of the above style. In this we leave the lower section of hair as it is and tie only the upper section.


16. Messy side braid

Partition your hair accordingly. Then bring all your hair to one side and section them in three equal parts. Start the braid by bringing over the right part of hair in between the middle and left part. Now bring the left section of hair in between the middle and right part. Continue this until you reach at the end of that braid and finally secure with a thin elastic.



17. French braid

Start your braid from the center of your crown. Take three small sections and start braiding. When you are done with two sets of braid, get a small section of hair from either side one by one to add with the left and right sections of braid. Continue this until you are at the end of your braid when you can finish off with an elastic or band.



18. The Pineapple

Well, a curly girl is incomplete without a pineapple hairstyle 😀 This style is mainly done at the time you go to bed to secure your curls from frizz and tangles. However, you can wear it outside as well. So, for doing this style grab all your hair and bring it near your crown, secure with an elastic and you are done.



So, these are some of the hairstyles which i think is pretty easy and will not take a long time to do. And among these my favorite ones are Up and down pony aka illusionist ponytail, High ponytail, Messy half up hairstyle, Messy high bun and crown up style. I hope all of you like the post. Please do try them if you have not already and comment below if you too have your favourite in the list. Have a great weekend! 🙂

Products and curls – The Perfect Combo!

“Made for each other” is not a phrase for gender alone. Products and curls also fall under this category. Every curl needs it’s product and in turn products cannot exist without we curl heads. Products are life in the curl community. They give our curls shine, definition, moisture, volume, length and so on. However, does product brand has a role to play in this? Do we really need a particular brand value to survive? Is there a brand of holy grail products in this world? Read on to know….

There are numerous curl heads around the world and every curl is different from one another. And so is the product suitable to each one of them. What’s effective to others might not work for you. This is majorly due to the ingredients featured in a particular product. Not all curls will like similar ingredient. Some will like more protein in them and some others may prefer more of moisture based product. Similarly, there are various other factors which effect this such as the living environment, climatic condition, humidity level etc. All these directly or indirectly effect our hair and there by the products we use. Thus, a product which is being used in a particular country or region may not deliver a similar result at a place where you reside.

Therefore it is very important to understand your hair and analyse what is good and bad for your curls which will help you to choose product wisely and worthy. There are millions of products available in the market these days, among which there are many which are quite affordable and are easily available. And if you know your curls better you will be able to sort out what’s best for you, not by any particular brand value or just by recommendations instead by reading the ingredients and knowing what’s in it. Investing on something due to ignorance will only empty your pockets. A proper routine and consistency is what your curls need the most to grow and stand out. There are no magical products which will do wonders to your curls rather the wisdom in you is the real magician who can sparkle the magic in your curls. 😇


Protein and its sensitivity on hair

Protein plays a major role in strengthening your hair. It Increases shine and elasticity and helps in hair growth as well. We require a balance of moisture and protein in order to have healthy hair. However, how do we know this requirement and how do we decide if our hair needs more protein or more moisture? Well, we will be able to know this by performing the below test.

  • The Strand test – Take a strand of your hair, wet it with water, then gently stretch it. If it returns to its original length without breaking, you have properly balanced moisture/protein levels. However, if it stretches more than it should and breaks, you probably need protein. If it doesn’t stretch much, you need moisture.
  • Go by feel – Stringy, limp, or sticky hair generally needs more protein. If your hair feels tough or hard, it probably has too much protein in it. However, if your hair is dry, tangled, and weak, it needs moisture. Overly soft hair that is breaking and won’t style has too much moisture.

If your hair needs more moisture, just follow a regular deep condition treatment (see my earlier post on deep condition).

And if your hair lacks protein, you could do a protein treatment such as a gelatine pack treatment and use hair products containing protein ingredient such as Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Soy protein, milk protein, silk protein or keratin.

What is Protein sensitivity?

If you experience dry, stiff, and brittle hair after using a particular product with protein or high level of protein percentage, it is a good indicator that you might be sensitive to protein. You could examine this especially after doing a deep condition treatment since it is suppose to moisturise your hair.

If you find yourself in such a situation, there are two possibilities:

  • There could be a protein build up in your hair and you will need to clarify your hair with a good shampoo which would do the trick.
  • And the second is you could actually be sensitive to protein and need to ditch all your products containing protein ingredient such as:
    • Amino acids
    • Animal protein
    • Collagen
    • Keratin
    • Milk Protein
    • Panthenol
    • Rice protein
    • Soy Protein
    • Wheat protein etc.

My experience with Protein sensitivity

As I have already mentioned in my earlier post (The Unknown fact) that my hair too is sensitive to protein. And I realised it first while using COCONUT OIL which is immensely rice in protein. However, I was also using hair products having ingredients such as Panthenol and other Hydrolyzed proteins. Thus, I had to totally avoid them to regain my curl texture and moisture. It took me a while to understand my hair but I am happy that i finally did.  🙂

Refreshing my curls!

Refreshing your curls on a non wash day is as important as washing/styling your hair. However, it depends on your curls, amount of frizz and number of non wash days. I personally do not prefer to refresh my curls on all non wash days. I preserve them up in a pineapple or bun and mostly avoid refreshing on the first day succeeding wash. But if you are a working women you will need to refresh them depending on how your curl behaves on that particular day.

There are lot of ways to refresh your curls. You could use your hands to do it or you could use a spray bottle.

My Way:

I refresh my second day curls by spraying some fresh water on my hands and gently smoothing all over my curls and done 🙂

The third and fourth day curls usually needs a bit more moisture and definition. So we need the following things:

  • An empty spray bottle.
  • Your regular conditioner or leave in conditioner.
  • Hair gel.
  • Few drops of Essential oil or cold press oil.

The ingredients listed above are used in combination as per my hair need.

If my hair lacks moisture I mix water, conditioner and essential oil in a spray bottle and slightly spray over my hair and scrunch if required.

And in case my curls needs more definition I use water, essential oil and hair gel instead of conditioner and scrunch well again. And ensure not to spray too much as it will weigh down the hair.

My curls definitely looks different on a wash day vs refreshing days however I still love them to core. We must learn to embrace our curls. Have a lot of patience, follow a right routine and keep the hope alive 😉

Wash day vs Refreshing day



Deep condition – My holy mask!


Deep conditioning is such an important aspect of a healthy hair care especially when it comes to curly/wavy hair. Since curly hair is naturally dry it needs a lot of moisture in order to have soft and bouncy curls. And thus we must ensure to deep condition our hair at least once a week.

There are lot of ways to deep condition your hair. You can purchase any deep treatment mask from the market suitable for your hair type or you could make a DIY (do it yourself) mask at home such as avocado and banana mask, mayonnaise and oil mask, egg mask etc. Or you could even use your regular conditioner to do a deep treatment.

As I have already mentioned in my previous posts, my hair is sensitive to protein. And at the beginning of my hair journey to deep condition I had purchased the ogx hydrating macadamia oil mask but my curls did not respond well to it as compared to other ogx products which I got along. I even tried the avocado, banana and coconut oil mask but the results were not very impressive either. Eggs and mayonnaise were all delivering similar results. Once again Ingredient was the key and king here and panthenol was the villain.

Gradually through time and research I decided to deep condition using my regular conditioner. May be by adding a few ingredient into it to make it more effective. So I used my ogx quenching coconut conditioner, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. And there you go!!! It was a miracle mixture indeed. My hair felt so soft and moisturised after wash. It was like never before and a result beyond my imagination.

My deep treatment routine:

  • Wash and cleanse my hair with ogx quenching coconut shampoo.
  • Divide my hair into equal sections and apply the deep treatment mask.
  • Secure hair in a hair clip and run my hair dryer in medium heat over the head from all direction for one minute and then immediately cover the head with a shower cap/grocery bag.
  • Leave the mask on hair for about 45 minutes to 1 hour and rinse it off.
  • I skip my for regular conditioning after this and proceed on to apply leave in / hair gel.
  • Scrunch hair well with hands.
  • Plop in a cotton t-shirt for half an hour and diffuse or air dry.