Products and curls – The Perfect Combo!

“Made for each other” is not a phrase for gender alone. Products and curls also fall under this category. Every curl needs it’s product and in turn products cannot exist without we curl heads. Products are life in the curl community. They give our curls shine, definition, moisture, volume, length and so on. However, does product brand has a role to play in this? Do we really need a particular brand value to survive? Is there a brand of holy grail products in this world? Read on to know….

There are numerous curl heads around the world and every curl is different from one another. And so is the product suitable to each one of them. What’s effective to others might not work for you. This is majorly due to the ingredients featured in a particular product. Not all curls will like similar ingredient. Some will like more protein in them and some others may prefer more of moisture based product. Similarly, there are various other factors which effect this such as the living environment, climatic condition, humidity level etc. All these directly or indirectly effect our hair and there by the products we use. Thus, a product which is being used in a particular country or region may not deliver a similar result at a place where you reside.

Therefore it is very important to understand your hair and analyse what is good and bad for your curls which will help you to choose product wisely and worthy. There are millions of products available in the market these days, among which there are many which are quite affordable and are easily available. And if you know your curls better you will be able to sort out what’s best for you, not by any particular brand value or just by recommendations instead by reading the ingredients and knowing what’s in it. Investing on something due to ignorance will only empty your pockets. A proper routine and consistency is what your curls need the most to grow and stand out. There are no magical products which will do wonders to your curls rather the wisdom in you is the real magician who can sparkle the magic in your curls. 😇



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