Refreshing my curls!

Refreshing your curls on a non wash day is as important as washing/styling your hair. However, it depends on your curls, amount of frizz and the gap between each wash day. I personally do not prefer to refresh my curls on all non wash days. I preserve them up in a pineapple or bun and mostly avoid refreshing the first day succeeding wash. But, in case you are required to step outside you will need to refresh them depending on how your curl behaves on that particular day.

There are lot of ways to refresh your curls. You could use your hands to do it or you could use a spray bottle.

My Way:

❤I refresh my second day curls by spraying some fresh water on my hands and gently smoothing all over my curls and done 🙂

❤The third and fourth day curls usually needs a bit more moisture and definition. So we need the following things:

  • An empty spray bottle.
  • Your regular conditioner or leave in conditioner.
  • Hair gel.
  • Few drops of Essential oil or cold press oil if needed

The ingredients listed above are used in combination as per my hair requirement.

If my hair lacks moisture I mix water and conditioner ( a light weight oil if really necessary) in a spray bottle and slightly spray over the frizzy areas alone, scrunch well and diffuse.

And in case my curls needs more definition I use water and hair gel instead of conditioner and repeat the same process as mentioned above. I also ensure not to spray too much as it will weigh down the hair.

My curls definitely looks different on a wash day vs refreshing days however I still love them to core. We must learn to embrace our curls. Have a lot of patience, follow a right routine and keep the hope alive 🙂

Click the link below to view how I refresh my hair to postponed the wash day 😉


Wash day vs Refreshing day




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