Deep conditioning and My holy grail mask!


Deep conditioning is such an important aspect of a healthy hair care especially when it comes to curly/wavy hair. Since curly hair is naturally dry it needs a lot of moisture in order to have soft and bouncy curls. And thus we must ensure to deep condition our hair at least once a week.

There are lot of ways to deep condition your hair. You can purchase any deep treatment mask from the market suitable for your hair type or you could make a DIY (do it yourself) mask at home such as avocado and banana mask, mayonnaise and oil mask, egg mask etc. Or you could even use your regular conditioner to do a deep treatment.

As I have already mentioned in my previous posts, my hair is sensitive to protein. And at the beginning of my hair journey to deep condition I had purchased the ogx hydrating macadamia oil mask but my curls did not respond well to it as compared to other ogx products which I got along. I even tried the avocado, banana and coconut oil mask but the results were not very impressive either. Eggs and mayonnaise were all delivering similar results. Once again Ingredient was the key and king here and panthenol was the villain.

Gradually through time and research I decided to deep condition using my regular conditioner. May be by adding a few ingredient into it to make it more effective. So I used my ogx quenching coconut conditioner, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. And there you go!!! It was a miracle mixture indeed. My hair felt so soft and moisturised after wash. It was like never before and a result beyond my imagination.

My deep treatment routine:

  • Wash and cleanse my hair with ogx quenching coconut shampoo.
  • Divide my hair into equal sections and apply the deep treatment mask.
  • Secure hair in a hair clip and run my hair dryer in medium heat over the head from all direction for one minute and then immediately cover the head with a shower cap/grocery bag.
  • Leave the mask on hair for about 45 minutes to 1 hour and rinse it off.
  • I skip my for regular conditioning after this and proceed on to apply leave in / hair gel.
  • Scrunch hair well with hands.
  • Plop in a cotton t-shirt for half an hour and diffuse or air dry.

Check out the video below to know how I Deep condition with my DIY mask


9 thoughts on “Deep conditioning and My holy grail mask!

  1. Cherise Janari says:

    Hi there

    I follow lots of curly girls on instagram but your page grabbed me because of the detail you go into in describing your curls and what’s good/not good for it. I know that everyone has a different strand but one thing is for sure for all curly girls, we lack moisture in our hair.

    How would you suggest I go about finding out which products will best suit my curl! I had very think, luscious curly locks. But over the years I have dyed my hair, did a Brazilian treatment (which was the worst ever) and had 3 children. My hair is not as thick as it used to be and is very very dry. When I curl my hair it looks more like an Afro (ehich I don’t mind) but I know this is not what my hair used to be like.

    How can I start going back to my natural bouncy curls?

    Thanks for your time


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    • Hi, thank you so much❤ I really appreciate your thoughts on my posts. So, regarding your hair, I am glad you understand the importance of deep condition on curly hair. They really need the moisture. And since you mentioned you dyed your hair as well, I am sure it would be too dry. So make sure to deep condition every week. However, Protein is equally important for the hair unless you are protein sensitive. So make sure you are doing a protein treatment like a homemade one such as Gelatine treatment or you could also buy a ready made mask. Make sure to follow up with a deep condition if you do a protein treatment.
      Also, make sure you check the ingredients on your products. If you think something is making your hair dry, compare it with other products you use and analyse how it is reacting differently and how the ingredients differ. This way you can understand what suits you and what not. For hair growth please check out my post on Hair growth. I hope it helps:)
      Thank you and keep reading 😉


  2. Charu says:

    Hi greeshma 🙂 i could see in the process above, you’ve mentioned that *you would skip your regular conditioning and proceed on to apply leave in / hair gel* , you apply either leave in conditioner or gel? Or both even after deep conditioning?


    • Hi Charu!😊 Yes, I skip my regular conditioning when I do deep condition and then proceed on to styling my hair. I use my normal conditioner as leave in too and use a cream and gel for styling.


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