My Curly hair routine!

In order to have a defined, moisturized and frizz free curl one must follow a regular hair routine which should include a hot oil treatment, deep conditioning and a protein treatment (if required for your hair) once a week or at least once a month. I was able to get a transformation by following such a healthy and strict regime. Therefore today i would like to share my haircare routine and techniques with all of you. I do not use much product on my hair. Just a shampoo, conditioner, hair cream (occasionally), olive oil and a homemade hair gel. The steps which i follow are:

  • I use the Ogx quenching coconut shampoo to wash my hair. I prefer diluting the shampoo with water. So i start by gently massage them onto my scalp using my fingers and use the lather to wash my remaining hair as well in lukewarm water.
  • Next i divide my hair in five section and gently rake in my Ogx quenching coconut conditioner and comb through each section to untangle any knots.
  • I leave the conditioner on hair for about 15 min and then wash it off. However i make sure not to wash it off entirely and leave some on hair.
  • After this i again divide my hair in sections including the crown hair and apply a tiny bit of my same conditioner as leave in or Ogx curling perfection cream.
  • Now to seal in the moisture i rake in a little bit of olive oil into each section of hair.
  • Finally smooth in my homemade flaxseed gel and scrunch well with hands first and then followed with my cotton t shirt and plop my hair for about an hour and always air dry.

Once my hair is 100% dry i scrunch them again to break the gel cast and i am all set 🙂


“My current favorite hair products”

  • IMG_20170717_1206216


Wet hair Vs 100% dry hair



2 thoughts on “My Curly hair routine!

  1. Bella says:

    Thank you for this!! I also love your previous post, especially the part about coconut oil! My hair responds the same way to it! Will you be posting a recipe to your hair gel? I have yet to find one that doesn’t dry my hair out. Thanks again for your blog!

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