The big Chop!

My decision on going for the big chop was executed. However, i never went to a saloon or parlor. In fact i thought i would give it a try and trim my ends myself. So, with a huge responsibility in mind i chopped my hair off from waist length to shoulder length :O. This was definitely a big decision but i was finally over it. My damaged ends were gone and my hair seem to be looking in its natural texture.

Now, it was time for me to decide if i should entirely follow the Curly go method?(meaning using hair products with No Sulfates and Silicone’s). Since my hair was very harshly treated with chemicals i was unsure if the Cg method would work for me. However, i thought of just giving it a try and brought the Giovanni Silk and shine conditioner online to just give it a go. It was pretty good. After cleansing and condition my hair was soft and shining. Having satisfied with the results i continued using Giovanni along with Cg friendly products from Natures gate as well.

  • I totally ditched towel instead i used a cotton t-shirt to remove excess water from my hair.
  • Scrunching my hair after applying leave in on soaking wet hair.
  • Plopped my hair in cotton t-shirt and air dried.
  • I also started used a satin pillow case.
  • Preserved my curls from getting frizzy by gathering all my hair up in a pineapple while going to bed.
  • Did hot oil treatment once a week with coconut oil and deep condition using avocado and banana hair mask or curd mask.
  • No longer combing my hair dry.

Finally i was doing something right and good to my hair after all these years 🙂 I followed this routine for quite sometime (4 months). However, i could still feel my hair dry and rough on days i had an oil treatment or not so moisturized hair even after doing a deep condition. It had to mean that my hair was not coordinating wit the cg method. May be my hair did like silicone in its products. Thus, I decided to buy something which would give my hair ultimate moisture and which had sulfates and silicone in them .So i went for the Quenching Coconut curl shampoo and conditioner from OGX. I also purchased their Curl butter and curl activator cream. I did like these products and the smell of each one was so amazing. But my hair seemed to be saying a different story. After using these products for several months and following the routine my hair was still dry and brittle. I was so freaked out, disappointed and confused. After doing everything right i was not getting the desired results. I searched the net to get an answer to all my questions. Why was my hair behaving so strange? What was i doing wrong after all…? 😦

After cut show



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