The beginning!

Hey all my dear Curl friends! I am here to express my thoughts on managing curly, thick, frizzy hair as I myself have such a type which as far as I know is difficult to maintain and style like many others who have straight hair type.

I have inherited my natural curl from my mother. However, like many of my curly girls all over world I have also hated them like hell. Not knowing how to style them or take care of them combing my hair over and over again trying to straighten them. Unfortunately the results were a head full of phoof and texture like hay 😦 Trying different hair products expecting miracle to happen. Every other day both during my school and college days there were tantrums from my fellow students teasing me about my phoofy hair.

Finally after my graduation when I started earning I decided to get rid of all this mess and made up my mind to permanently straighten my hair. My hair was chemically treated for three continuous years. Those were magical days of my life. There was no difficulty in styling them. I thought it was finally an end to my struggle.

However NO. I had ruined my hair so bad with all the chemicals and heat styling. I did not know if I could ever get back my natural curls (well not really curls but a stack of hay) 😉

One day while surfing the Internet I randomly came across few blogs which were about curly hair care. It was like heaven for me. I learned about the actual way a curly hair should be treated. However, each one was quite different from one another. Each one had different products to showcase. It was a dilemma all over again. I was confused on where to begin. I had to start with something to save my natural hair. Hence I decided to start off by chopping my hair off and getting rid of the damaged ends. That was finally a way to go before I begin my curly hair journey..

Myself before I started my hair journey



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